Food Savior for Restaurants

Food Savior for Restaurants 


Whether your part of a big chain, or running a small cafe, every penny counts in a city of spiraling rents, and one of the highest per-capita concentrations of eateries in the world. Food Savior gives you a way to make extra money on food you would have thrown away, reduce waste, plug your brand online, and show how committed you are to making the world a better place.


Towards the end of each service there will be a certain amount that’s ready to eat but unlikely to be sold that day. Instead of throwing these perfectly good meals and dishes in the bin, list them as available for collection from your restaurant. You decide how many portions are available and set a collection time. Food Savior customers select your meal, pay, get a receipt and collect at the agreed time.

Easy to setup


Set the quantities

Set how many portions you have available and at what time the customers can come to collect them. The meals is automatically made available on Food Savior


Be notified for each order

Receive confirmation emails whenever an order is placed.


Wait for collection

Food Savior customers arrive within the specified time, show you the email receipt and collect their food.



It’s free-to-use, there’s no-contract service, no obligation and no minimum term. 


You get extra customers and make more money .


Save on waste disposal costs (in average HKD 5 per plate)


You have a greener footprint, generating greater consumer goodwill.


Your food gets eaten not dumped – all the hard work and effort is not wasted 


You boost brand awareness through Food Savior’s targeted online platform.


You’ll get regular free promotion on social networks through our feeds at no additional cost.


Prove that your restaurant cooks fresh food every day and doesn’t keep any prepared food for the following day.

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