Our mission is to reduce food waste. Instead of restaurants throwing their delicious food away, you can use our service to find the restaurants near you and pick up their surplus food at an extremely low price. Everyone wins: you enjoy a great meal at a bargain price, the restaurant makes an extra income and we help the environment by limiting the emission of greenhouse gases when the wasted food rots in landfills.
Currently, we waste almost 40% of all the food we produce worldwide. It’s thought that 28% of our planet’s agricultural land is used to produce food that doesn’t even make it as far as a plate; and worse still, when this rots in landfill it releases damaging pollutants that can be up to 100 times more potent than carbon dioxide. In fact, it has been found that 20% of the greenhouse gases are associated with food production, distribution and storage. If we were to eat all the edible food we throw away, we’d save CO2 emissions that would equate to taking one in four cars off the road, whilst it is estimated that wasted food from the USA, Asia and Europe could feed the world three times over. So yes, quite a big deal.



Use the Food Savior search tool to see the restaurants, cafes bakeries closest to you that have food available for collection. Choose the meal that you like, check out and receive your order email confirmation. Head to the restaurant at the designated time and show your email confirmation to get your takeaway box.
The restaurants will usually update the quantity of meals available towards the end of their service. So keep an eye on the page and refresh from time to time.
Just before the restaurant closes, there will be surplus food which is usually carelessly thrown away unless a saviour comes to the rescue. Will the savior be you? The collection time for the food will usually be a 15-30 minute window just before the restaurant or cafe’s end of service. Check out when you can pick up in the meal description.
Of course! The restaurant can provide you with their own takeaway box but this will definitely end up in a bin and later in a landfill. If you want to go all the way to save the environment, bringing your own re-usable box, it will lower the stress on our planet.
Come at the specified time and show your email confirmation to the staff, and they will give you the meal.
With our search tool you can filter the restaurants by district or even by street name.
No worries, click the password recovery icon on the Register page or on the Sign in button and we’ll generate a new one for you.
Make sure it hasn’t made its way to your junk email folder. Still not there? Just contact us and we’ll sort it out.
It’s absolutely free to use Food Savior, you just need to pay for the food.
Yes! All our payments are powered by Paypal. For more information, please go to paypal.com.
"Processing" means that the order has been paid successfully. After you pick up your meals, the restaurant will mark the order as completed to complete the transaction.
Anything that may be considered a crime by local authorities should be reported to the police or appropriate authorities immediately. For non-criminal actions, Customers can report abuse by contacting us at contact@FoodSavior.hk. Members should be as specific as possible when contacting us.
Food Savior doesn’t provide a delivery service between the restaurant and the Customer. We’re trying to save the environment so we would like to limit additional transportation. You can walk, cycle, job or roller skate to the restaurant, we promise you’ll feel good about it.
It should be rare, but potentially the restaurant could cancel your order due to unforeseen events like shortage of your ordered food. In this particular case, you will be notified by the Restaurant and Food Savior will refund your order within 7 days.



Just contact us via the Restaurants page and we’ll get in touch to on-board you.
Whether you’re running an independent local cafe or managing a high-street restaurant chain, Food Savior can work for you. It’s a free to join, non-contract service and it’s a win-win: generate additional revenues, reduce your waste disposal costs, prove your commitment to sustainability and increase your brand’s online exposure – with no extra effort and no additional costs.
We encourage restaurant to apply a 80% discount on the leftover meals. This will make sure all the meals are gone by the time you finish the service.
It’s free to join but Food Savior takes a 10% cut on any sale you make. This will cover our technological infrastructure, salaries and marketing expenditure. Please note that Paypal charges 3.9% + $2.35 HKD per transaction. Food Savior will absorb this cost, but when the Paypal’s charges amount is above Food Savior’s 10% cut, the extra cost will be charged to the restaurant.
"Processing" means that the order has been paid successfully. When the customer arrives to pick up his/her meals, you can mark the order as completed to complete the transaction.
You can use the contact button on the Customer’s profile, your message will be sent directly to the Customer’s personal email address. Or you can always contact us.
In this case, please let the customer know using the contact button on the Customer's profile and drop us a note as well, Food Savior will refund the Customer's order within 7 days.
Food Savior handles all aspects of payment and will transfer the money to you every month. Or you can request a payment anytime via My Account > My Earnings. Please note that to minimize the transaction costs, the minimum transfer amount is H$1,000.00 HKD.
Contact us Food Savior Team Need help? Please let us know and we'll do our very best to reply to your email as soon as possible.
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