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What we do

At Food Savior consumers get great meals at great value, while restaurants make extra money and reduce waste. Our aim is to stop perfectly good food being thrown away.

The good bit: through our platform, restaurants can list the dishes they have left from each service, and customers can come to collect them before just before they close the breakfast, lunch or dinner sittings.

The really good bit: Buyers get excellent dishes for a bargain price, sellers make money on products that would otherwise have been chucked out, and the planet benefits from reduced waste.


Why we care

Food waste is one of the biggest issues facing the developed world, and it has serious repercussions for the poorest in society.

Hong Kong throws out a shocking 3,600 tons of food – the weight of SIX Airbus 380 aeroplanes or 200 double decker buses – every single day. Globally, one third of food for human consumption, is wasted each year. Enough calories to keep an extra 1.9 billion people fed well, according to Institute on the Environment, in the US. In other words – there is enough to feed everyone on the planet – and more, but yet millions are starving. Let’s re-balance the scales.

If that’s not enough to persuade you, then consider the environmental impact. If food waste were a country – it would be the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Millions of gallons of water, pesticides, and fuel are wasted on growing food that ends up in landfill.
We’ve created this platform to empower individuals and restaurants to contribute in a small way to reducing food waste in Hong Kong. The bonus is that everyone benefits.

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